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Industry Grade Education

Our focus is on providing students with industry grade education that prepares them for the workforce. With a curriculum that emphasizes real-world experience and hands-on training, our graduates are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field. Join us and become job-ready with the help of our experienced faculty.

Equip with Latest Techniques

Our Study Programs teach and train students using latest industry practices, software and programs. Most of our Indian and International Faculty comprises of the CEOS and MDs of national and multinational Corporations with a view to expose them to practical industry situations and solutions, far beyond the theoretical education.

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Diorama Eduversity is an initiative to offer students ‘Industry Grade‘ education so that they can easily merge in any industry environment on Day One of their jobs. ​ Our Industry integrated Career Support teams hand hold the students in the process of Career Building through Campus Connect and Placement Programmes.

We bring Industry Grade Education, that makes you Job Ready on the first day.

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Masters Programmes

A MBA Program with us prepares you for the industry you wish to join. Taught by practical teachers & Top industry managers working in the industry, we transform you into a 'Specialist' something conventional management courses are not capable of. The Two Year programmes are held at Sage University Campus in Indore.


Applications for 2024 batch are open for:

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Bachelors Programmes

A Bachelors Program is aimed to help you become an all round professional equipped with skills required by modern companies.  The three-year programmes are held at Sage University Campus in Indore.


Applications for 2024 batch are open for:


Study at Sage University, Indore.

Sage University, Indore is a prominent institution that brings together technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to create a dynamic learning environment. SAGE is dedicated to the holistic development of every student within its community. The university not only enhances students' knowledge but also inspires them to gain valuable insights.


Ranked as the top university in central India, Sage University Indore is renowned for its educational innovation. Sage's commitment lies in nurturing future leaders through top-notch academics, instilling both knowledge and values in our students.


Each student benefits from a blend of professional and cultural learning experiences, making our alumni consistently sought after by leading private and public-sector organizations.

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Upcoming Center - Tbilisi,Georgia

Diorama Eduversity is coming up with Bachelors and Masters courses in Georgia's Capital, Tbilisi in 2025. Stay tuned for more information.

The Diorama Edge 

At Diorama Eduversity, we sharpen you by offering you an international perspective and exposure. Diorama is all about practical education focused on making you employable.


We live in the age of sub-specialization and these Study Programs exactly offer you the education you need to make great careers. A conventional management course offers you conventional theoretical education. Diorama takes you far ahead of the competition and places you right in the 'employable candidate' category as a 'Specialist Manager'. 

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