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The Diorama Eduversity conducts its classes at the Institute of Management Studies, Sage University Campus, Indore. The Degrees to Diorama Eduversity students are offered by Sage University. However, Diorama Eduversity has its own Faculty teaching its courses, it's own Placement Division to help students find internships and jobs internationally.

Placement Division 

Diorama Eduversity Placement Division works with HR Departments of Indian and Foreign Companies throughout the year to ensure immersion, internships, and campus job placements. In a systematic manner, the Placement Division invites working professionals and corporate honchos to teach and cultivate an early healthy relationship to expose students to industry culture.  

The Placement Division through Alumni Connect keeps the doors open to its old students too to offer them career guidance much after they have passed out of the University. 

Parents & Students

As you enter into a relationship with Diorama Eduversity, consider yourself safe in experienced hands. Our aim goes far beyond conventional education. Our target at all times remains the final placement of our students.


We at Diorama focus not only on education and training but also on the overall physical, mental, social and psychological development of our students improving their communication skills and turning them into initiative-taking leaders. 



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