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Learn artificial intelligence and how to apply its tools and techniques in management decisions right from Procurement to Marketing and Finance to  HR.

2 Years | Indore

Programme Fee

INR 2,00,000 per year


50% and Above in Bachelors, Any national exam CAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA or SEE (SAGE's exam)

42,599 Jobs Available in this Sector (Source:

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The Artificial Intelligence revolution is already here around us. Companies and managers now make daily business decisions based on input from machine learning tools and AI-powered reporting platforms to the extent that many business operations are now automated and carried out by AI services. This program is designed to educate the students in the use of artificial intelligence systems and tools in business decisions.

Why this course

​The use of AI in management has led to an increase in productivity and operational efficiencies, making faster business decisions. avoid mistakes and 'human error', use insight to predict customer preferences and offer a better, personalized experience.

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Learning Outcomes



This interdisciplinary Study Program covers AI's foundations, principles, and techniques and business subjects such as economics, accounting, finance, and marketing. Besides, learning the theory, students will work on many projects that apply AI to practical problems in retail, manufacturing, finance, and many other businesses. The Curriculum is carefully designed to give students both technological and business perspectives, cutting-edge research and real-world applications.


As the world is making a shift towards automation, the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professionals is increasing. The use of artificial intelligence has already become an indispensable tool for the new generation of Managers and Senior Management professionals. Not learning this essential tool and technology can be a career blocker for a Management Postgraduate aspiring to rise to the top of an organization. There is no single aspect of management today where AI would not be required. Competitive Edge in Salaries.


KPMG, Tata Insights and Quants, Mahindra Automobiles, Adani, Reliance, Flipkart,-Walmart, Systools Software, Maruti Udyog, Accenture, Vivirooms, Case Mine, Ernst & Young, L'Orealle, Deloitte, Airtel, Jio, IBM, Level AI, Epillo, Genpact Pepsico and many others


Product Manager, Business Strategy Manager, Strategy Consultant, AI Transformation Experts/Consultants, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, E-Commerce,  Data Interpreters, Pre-Sales Consultants, Deliver and Campaign Managers, Digital Transformation Consultants, Risk Officers, Business Analyst, Operations Manager, Consumer Behaviour Interpreters

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