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Exploring Creative Arts Education in Indore: Bachelor of Visual Arts at Diorama Eduversity, Indore

A burgeoning hub of education and culture, is not just known for its management and engineering programs but also for its thriving arts scene. The city of Pune that has dominated the education scenarios in India is slowly giving way to Indore. Film education that had till now been the preserve of a few institutions like the Whistling Woods, Mumbai, FTII, Pune, SRFTII, Kolkata now reaches Indore with Diorama Eduversity. Headed by Producer-Director Manoj Srivastava, former Chief Executive Officer, Entertainment Society of Goa who has headed the International Film Festival of India, Goa, Jagran Film Festival, Diorama International Film Festival & Film Bazaar, India’s National Film Awards and many other such events across the world, Diorama Eduversity stands out as a premier institution offering a diverse range of programs in the visual and performing arts. 

Crew is preparing the set

Diorama Eduversity offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Visual Arts program designed to nurture creativity and technical skills. The curriculum covers various disciplines including painting, sculpture, digital arts, and multimedia, providing students with a robust foundation in both traditional and contemporary art forms. The program emphasizes hands-on learning, encouraging students to develop their unique artistic voice through practical projects and exhibitions.

Key Features

• Diverse Curriculum: Encompasses traditional arts and modern multimedia.

• Experienced Faculty: Learn from industry professionals and accomplished artists.

• State-of-the-art Facilities: Access to cutting-edge studios and equipment.

Acting for Screen and Theatre

Diorama Eduversity’s Acting for Screen and Theatre course prepares students for dynamic careers in performance arts. The program focuses on developing a range of acting techniques, from classical theatre methods to modern screen acting practices. Students gain practical experience through stage performances and film projects, enhancing their versatility and employability.

Career Opportunities

• Theatre Actor: Perform in stage productions locally and internationally.

• Film and TV Actor: Opportunities in movies, TV shows, and web series.

• Voice Actor: Work in dubbing, animations, and radio.

Film and Television Direction

The Film and Television Direction program at Diorama Eduversity equips aspiring directors with the skills needed to bring their creative visions to life. The curriculum covers scriptwriting, storyboarding, production, and post-production processes, providing a holistic understanding of filmmaking. Students collaborate on projects, gaining hands-on experience and industry insights.

DOP is looking at light source

Career Opportunities

• Film Director: Lead the creative process in film production.

• Television Director: Oversee TV shows and series.

• Commercial Director: Create advertisements and promotional videos.


Cinematography at Diorama Eduversity focuses on the art and science of visual storytelling. Students learn about camera techniques, lighting, and shot composition, gaining the technical expertise needed to capture compelling visuals. The program emphasizes practical training, allowing students to work on various projects and build a strong portfolio.

Career Opportunities

• Director of Photography: Lead the visual aspect of film and TV productions.

• Camera Operator: Operate cameras in diverse shooting environments.

• Lighting Technician: Design and implement lighting setups for productions.

Careers, Job Prospects, and International Opportunities

The creative arts offer diverse and exciting career paths. Graduates from Diorama Eduversity can pursue roles in theatre, film, television, and digital media. The global demand for creative professionals is growing, with opportunities to work on international projects, festivals, and collaborations.

Job Prospects

• Art and Design: Work in galleries, museums, and creative agencies.

• Entertainment Industry: Roles in acting, directing, and cinematography.

• Freelancing: Opportunities in various multimedia and creative projects.

International Opportunities

• Global Festivals: Showcase work at international film and art festivals.

• Collaborations: Work on cross-border projects with artists and filmmakers.

• Further Education: Pursue advanced studies in prestigious institutions worldwide.

Diorama Eduversity in Indore offers a vibrant platform for aspiring artists and creative professionals. Programs like the Bachelor of Visual Arts, Acting for Screen and Theatre, Film and Television Direction, and Cinematography open doors to numerous career opportunities and international experiences. For those passionate about the arts, Indore provides an ideal environment to hone their skills and embark on a fulfilling career.


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